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Toolman Industries Of India is known for recycling of high speed steel scrap to quality ingots and exporting worldwide. We specialize in processing HSS, tungsten carbide, molybdenum, cobalt, vanadium, chrome, hotwork (H13) and cold works (D2) tool steel, high temperature and special alloy scraps.

The company was founded by Mr. D.K Dhingra in 1957. His son, Mr. Vikram Dhingra has taken the legacy forward to marvellous heights. Click here to learn more about us.

Tool Steel Scrap

High speed steel scrap

M1, M2, M3, M4, M7, M 35, M36, M42, M48, M50, T1, T4, T15, T42                                                          

Tungsten carbide scrap 

inserts, sintered bars, drills, taps, endmills, pellets

Molybdenum scrap

sintered bars, target, metal offcuts

Cobalt scrap

permender alloy, stellite 

Vanadium scrap


Chrome scrap

409 L, 410, 430, 444, high chrome grinding media balls, targets, metal offcuts

Tool steel scrap

A2, D2, D3, D4, D6, H10, H11, H12, H13, H21, P91, P92

High Temperature alloy scrap

Titanium scrap



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