Technology Used

We use latest hi-tech machinery to meet the growing demands in the industry and also to provide good quality high speed steel ingots.We follow a series of steps to recycle HSS scrap to HSS ingots.

1.SORTING : We have three Niton XRF Analyzer (PMI) to ensure the correct sorting of scrap.

2.MELTING : The first step towards quality is melting.We have two medium frequency induction melting furnaces each of 1 ton capacity. melting3.INGOT FORMATION : After melting the HSS scrap, we form the good quality HSS ingots.

4.QUALITY CHECK : Another most important step is checking the quality of the formed HSS ingot. A detailed report is generated and after analyzing the results properly, the ingot is sent for further processing. We use Spectrometer for this step.

Spectrometer5.DELIVERY OF PRODUCT : After all the above steps, the ingots are packed well and delivered to the client in time. We ensure high quality of the HSS Ingots.

High speed steel ingots